Welcome to the RadGlobal section of the C.R.E.A.T.E Program. Here you will find a collection of amazing cases from our travels abroad. They have been compiled as part of Weill Cornell's RAD-AID Chapter. 

RAD-AID International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving and optimizing access to medical imaging and radiology in developing regions of the world. The RAD-AID Chapters network is composed of a number of grass-roots organizations at ACGME accredited academic medical centers in the US and Canada. Our RAD-AID Chapter was founded in 2013. 

We have created this case database to help trainees and radiologists become familiar with diseases endemic to other countries, gain insight into the challenges of establishing radiology in developing countries, and to encourage involvement in the international radiology community. 

For more information, please visit www.rad-aid.org or our RAD-AID Chapter page at www.rad-aid.org/view-chapters/weill-cornell-rad-aid-chapter/.

If you are interested in contributing a case, please reach out to the co-advisors of Cornell's RAD-AID Chapter, Joanna Escalon (jgb9001@med.cornell.edu) and Andrew Kesselman (ank9192@med.cornell.edu).